Heavy Metal Testing

The heavy metal testing offered at CBD Natural health is a comprehensive way of assessing mineral and toxic mineral imbalance that can contribute to a myriad of health issues.

There are 3 different tests available depending on your needs:


Hair mineral analysis
– The most comprehensive analysis available of mineral balance, mineral metabolism and heavy metal screening and the test we most commonly use. Ideal for preconception, osteoporosis, and children’s health analysis. This test reveals tissue storage of heavy metals which importantly shows accumulation. This test is approximately $140

Comprehensive urine elements profile
– A detail urine toxic mineral analysis of nutritional elements, heavy metals and minor elements such as gadolinium (MRI dyes) and rare minerals found in technologies. This shows what the body is currently excreting and doesn’t tend to reveal stored heavy metals.

Stool testing
– This is simple stool test to reveal heavy metal loading via dietary intake/excretion