Hormone And Adrenal Test

Hormonal imbalance including reproductive hormones, thyroid hormone and adrenal hormones can cause all kinds of disruption and illnesses in the body. Ideal for understanding hormonal influences behind irregular periods, skin issues, low libido,  low energy or  fertility issues.

During your initial consultation, if hormonal balance is indicated, you may be recommend to specific hormonal testing of which there are different types.

There are 3 ways we are able to test hormone are:


Blood test: Represents total levels of bound hormone currently circulating in the body.

Saliva test: Shows unbound or ‘free’ hormones that are bio-available to the body.

Urine testing: shows hormone metabolism/excretion as compared to normal levels.

You will be advised by your Naturopath what test/s are ideal for you after your initial assessment.  A treatment plan targeting any hormonal imbalance shown can then be undertaken.

Hormone testing can range from $50-$550 depending on how extensive the testing is required to be.