Detox Programs

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Revive your health with our professional prescribed Detox Package, designed for busy people.

Offload toxins, slim, flush, clear, cleanse, energise, release, rejuvenate and feel amazing.

We offer detox programs to suit your needs:

  • 3 week detox program – is designed to support the whole body, not just the liver, for a balanced detox that will leave you feeling energetic, happy and well.
  • 6 week detox program – allows the body to access deeper levels, aiming to transform your health and assist in recovery from health issues.  A true system reset.
  • Deep Skin Detox – a specialised detox for clear skin (and clean body!) Clear skin is healthy skin and the Deep Skin Detox is designed to fast-track your skin’s health. People with all kinds of skin issues use this program as we tailor your detox to your individual needs.  This detox is 6-8weeks.

We recommend doing a detox once per year